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School Canes have always been our particular speciality. We use only the best rattan we can get and use our years of experience to grade it to ensure that you get the best quality canes. Authenticity is all.
We make our canes to a genuine school specification from the 1960s and are formed with the traditional 'crook' handle. We ensure they have the correct balance between firmness and 'swish' to make them ideal for expert or novice alike. The classic instrument of school punishment. We use only top grade knot-free Rattan, selected and polished by hand to ensure quality.
Light, whippy rattan. Easy to use, but packs quite a sting! Approx. 7-8mm diameter.
The Junior Cane is$12.95
Thick, heavy, glossy rattan. Certainly makes an real impression! Approx. 10-11mm diameter
The Senior Cane is$22.95