A collection of highly recommended sites, enjoy visiting them, but don't forget to come back to us!
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DISCIPLINARIAN An extraordinary source of top-quality school pictures and videos, all shot with incredible realism. Well worth a visit.
THE OLD SCHOOL YARD A new UK based enthusiasts site. Already showing great promise, it's well worth a visit. They really do seem to have grasp of the whole 'school based' scene! Oh, and they said nice things about our implements as well!

BLISTERED BUTTS One of those great rarities, a pay site that's worth paying for! Run by 2 of the nicest people in the business who seem to have no trouble attracting some stunning models. Quality video clips and pics that are updated every week. The free area has loads to look at too!

NU-WEST / LEDA Makers superb quality movies, some of the pictures on this site appear courtesy of the owner of Nu-West Leda, thanks!

YAHOO GROUPS Do a search for spanking groups...

CASTLE HANDYMAN Extraordinary huge site with loads of pics, stories...and a sense of humour
SAM HOGAN Hardcore caning site, absolutely chock full of original content. If serious cane action is your thing, it's a must-see, this guy really doesn't mess around! M/M