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Made with 13 slim, light, yet slightly stiff thongs. Seems a bit of a lightweight at first glance, but packs a sting way beyond its looks... Hence the name!

The handle is leatherbound and comes with a D ring hanger. The thongs are 18" long.

The Stinger is $28.95

13 (unlucky for some...) supple 18" thongs of light belting leather, attached to a studded, leatherbound hardwood handle.
Very well balanced and packs quite a sting!

The Kat is $28.95

21 Thick, heavy thongs mounted onto a studded, leatherbound handle.

This is very black, very shiny and very impressive. It's appearance is quite awe-inspiring, its feel, unforgettable. A must-have for the serious enthusiast...

Please note: Care must be exercised with this item, definitely for the expert user only.

The Master is $54.95

Made from an industrial grade leather. Thick, heavy, though almost rigid leather paddle, it covers a very large area! 18" long inc. the handle by 5" wide.

Available in brown or black (please state)

The Giant Paddle is $34.95

Made to a personal design by one of our clients, the portcullis has 3 supple tails of premium belting leather and real 'dungeon' feel to it.

The dimensions are 18" long by 3" wide and it really packs a punch. Available in 2 weights.

The Portcullis Paddle is $38.95

20" long and split into 4 wicked stinging tails. The tails are cut longer than usual to have a wider spread on impact.

Made from highly polished, supple belting leather.

The Four Tail Tawse is $27.95

Heavy, supple and very shiny. The handle is built-up and reivetted, with a D ring hanger.

Has 3 rows of studs for added dis-comfort! The added weight of the studs gives the enforcer a real, resounding, 'slap'.
Overall length 15" inc. handle

The Enforcer Paddle is $38.95

Available in two weights, this paddle is a real 'maid of all work'. Very easy to use (and very easy to use effectively!). It measures 18" long by 3 3/4" wide.

The light tawse is made from belting leather and is flexible and stingy, the heavy is made from a much heavier grade and is almost rigid. Both are made from highly polished black leather.

The Five Tail Light is $28.95
The Five Tail Heavy is$38.95

A strop-type belt split into 9 supple thongs. Very 'swishy' in use with a dramatic 'slap' and a very satisfying sensation!

The handle is built up and stitched for comfort during prolonged use (believe me it's too tempting not to put to prolonged use!). Made from a premuim English belting leather, very black and polished to a high lustre.

A real must-have!

The Flogger is $39.95