Authentic replicas of the equipment used in Prisons and Reformatories. We take great care to research each item fully. All are made to the exact government specifications.
They are the real thing...
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Reformatory type Cane m/f .rm format 228Kb
A heavy, almost rigid leather paddle. Made to a specification from the 1960s. The paddle is firmly attached to a 12" wooden handle.
The leather 'blade' is 15" long by 3" wide and 3/16" thick, with a double row of 4 holes each ¼" in diameter. The leather is left in its natural colour, but is carefully polished to a high lustre.
Although very heavy, the paddle is beautifully balanced and very easy to use. The original specification was evidently very carefully thought out…
To read a true account of the Canadian Prison Paddle in use CLICK HERE
To see a photo of the genuine Paddling Table used in a Canadian prison in the 1960s CLICK HERE
The Canadian Paddle is priced at $59.95
40" of 12mm thick, though very flexible, heavy Rattan. The handle is bound with leather making it easy to grip. The cane is sanded by hand to ensure it is knot-free, then polished to a high shine. An extremely severe instrument.  
The Reformatory Cane is priced at $39.95  
We can also offer an extra heavy version of this cane with a diameter of 15-16mm. These are avilable subject to supplies of the cane being available. Please e-mail us HERE for details.
Please note: These should be aproached only with extreme caution and are for the very experienced ONLY.
A bundle of pencil thin Someset Willow switches bound with a leather handle. Was one of the approved materials of the traditional Reformatory Birch, it was more readily available and was generally more durable, but produced a very similar feel. The best willow switches come from the county of Somerset.
The switches are 24" long and are polished to a high lustre. Very easy and satisfying to use.
We make our birches in two styles, with either 3 or 6 switches.
The 3 switch birch is priced at $29.95.
The 6 switch birch is priced at $39.95.
Special Offer- If you would like to add both Birches to your collection, they are available at a special price, just $54.95.
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