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A rare chance to own the ultimate in Tawse. Made from leather obtained from an original supplier to an old tawse maker. These are authentic, very heavy and extremely substantial. When held out by the handle, they scarcely bend…

We cut the leather by hand in the old fashioned way before carefully finishing and hand polishing it. These really are the 'Rolls Royce' of Tawse and will delight the collector and connoisseur. Available in both the 2 tail and 3 tail variants and in a choice of natural leather or black.

24" long by 1 1/2" wide, split into 2 tails along approx. half of its length.
The Two Tail Lochgelly is priced at $44.95
24" long by 2 1/4" wide, split into 3 tails along approx. half of its length.
The Three Tail Lochgelly is priced at$54.95
~When nothing but the best will do~
~When only the real thing will do~
The traditional instrument in Scotland and very well known in Canada. The tawse is split along around half of its length to form either 2 or 3 tails.

Our tawse are cut by hand from the finest belt leather. We work and finish by hand to a high polish. A good tawse matures with age and use, and these are a real delight to give or receive.

We make our tawse to an original Scottish education authority specification. They are 18" long and either 2 or 2 1/4" wide (with 2 or 3 tails respectively). The are available in a choice of 2 weights. The medium is supple with a satisfying 'slap' to it, the heavy is much more severe and made from a much stiffer leather.

The 2 tail medium is$19.95
The 2 tail heavy is $24.95
The 3 tail medium $26.95
The 3 tail heavy is $29.95