To see a gallery of the school birch in action click on the picture below
The Birch was the implement of choice for home and school use before the widespread importation of Rattan in the late 19th century. Even after that time it continued to be in favour owing to its effect,
practicality and style
In use they have a style and feel all of their own, possibly best described as a cross between a rain of whippy canes and a fairly light whip. They are capable of producing a very wide range of sensations from a delicate 'tickling' to 'thunder and lightning'.
Our birches are made to a school pattern of the period and are made from genuine Somerset Willow, from a sustainable source. ('Birches' were generally made from either Willow or Hazel as well as actual Birch.)
We carefully select, grade and polish it to produce a quality implement. The handle end is taped together for durability before being bound in traditional jute twine.
The 'Senior' birch is approximately 36" long and is composed of 9 switches which taper to fine point.
The Senior Birch is £14.95
The 'Junior' is approx. 28" long and is composed of 9 slightly thicker switches.
The Junior Birch is £9.95