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The legendary strap (sometimes known as a 'Ferula') beloved of religious schools throughout the world. It measures 16" x 2" and consists of two layers of heavy belting leather hand stitched in the traditional way, and weighted with a coin in the end. It is then polished to a high lustre.

Capable of producing a wide range of effects, from a mild sting to 'thunder and lightning'!

The Irish Strap is priced at £24.95

Very popular in many religious schools where it was often known simply as 'the belt'.

Made from heavy, very supple, belting leather with a comfortable filled and stitched handle (ideal for prolonged use!). Makes a lot of dramatic noise with a satisfying sting. Comes complete with a D ring hanger. 20" long by 2 ½" wide.

The School Strap is £24.95

Copied from the design of a paddle sent to us by a client in the USA. Apparently teachers in her former school were allowed to keep this type of paddle in the classroom to deal with minor misdemeanours, apparently being used enthusiastically by some teachers 'on the bare'. Whether true or not, it is a very nice design of paddle. 15" long overall and 5" wide and made from a semi-rigid leather.

The Teachers Paddle is £14.95

A direct copy of an old paddle belonging to a client in New York. Heavy, highly polished black leather with a built-up, riveted leather handle. Extremely effective over clothing or 'on the bare', over the desk or over the knee. We supply the paddle, you supply the imagination! 18"x 2 ½"

The Classic Paddle is £14.95
(Thanks to 'JP' of Southampton for the pic)

We were sent a description of the paddle used in their former school by a client in Japan. Two layers of heavy belting leather are joined at a built-up, riveted handle. The layers are not joined along their length, so in use produce a very distinctive and noisy 'slap'. This noise apparently was meant to act as a deterrent to the other students… 18" long by 3" wide. A very interesting implement!

The Japanese Paddle is £24.95